It is a proven fact that uniforms: affect behavior in a positive way, eliminate competition, save money, instill pride (if worn properly), and give one a sense of belonging. All students in Grades K-6 at Holy Cross School are to be dressed in the proper uniform each day of the school year. Complete uniform is to be worn to and from school unless specific permission is granted otherwise. Parents will be notified of any violation of the uniform code.

· Navy blue dress slacks (no knit pants, leggings or stretch pants).

· Light blue or navy, button polo shirt (short or long sleeve) – with logo.
· Optional (Girls): Solid navy blue skirt, plaid jumper, plaid skirt or plaid or navy skort with light blue, button down polo shirt or peter pan collar blouse in blue (short or long sleeve).
· Navy blue, black or white socks or navy blue tights only. Socks must cover the ankles. No mismatched and other colored socks.
· Plain black or brown school shoes with rubber soles may be worn on non-Phys Ed days– maximum 2-inch heels. High heels, slippers, moccasins and boots are not allowed.
· Sneakers may be worn daily – no light up sneakers. All colors of sneakers are allowed. No mismatch sneakers.
· Optional: *Navy blue school sweatshirt, fleece or fleece vest with logo. Name maybe stitched onto the fleece.
· Navy blue walking shorts in September/October and May/June – or unless notified otherwise.
· No Make Up.
· No non-prescription glasses are to be worn.

· Navy blue emblem T-shirt and/or sweatshirt with emblem (purchased at Stitchworks)

· Navy blue sweatpants with optional emblem (no nylon, leggings or stretch pants are permitted).
· Navy blue nylon mesh shorts in September/October and May/June on PE days only or unless notified otherwise.

{Students in Grades 3-6 may wear shorts under their sweatpants all year to change for PE, however, they must put their sweatpants back on after PE in cold weather months.}


· No long sleeve shirts may be worn under the polo shirt. Students may only wear the school uniform sweatshirt, vest, or fleece over their uniform. No other sweatshirts, fleeces or hoodies are allowed, including sweatshirts supporting other area schools, colleges or sports teams. Only white t- shirts may be worn under the polo shirts.

· Sweatpants and mesh shorts only worn on PE days.
· Flip flops are not permitted.
· Please label all sweatshirts and fleece with child’s name.
· Jewelry – one set of small earrings (no hoops or dangling earrings).
· Modest hair styles—no extreme colors, styles, or cut-in designs.

· Students may dress out of uniform on their birthday.

· Students may wear jeans, sweatpants or school flannel pants with a Holy Cross School or Holy Cross Bomber shirt or sweatshirt on a Spirit Wear Day.
· Shorts are only permitted September/October and May/June
· Teachers or the Principal may allow students to wear street clothes for a special occasion or with a dress down pass. Dress down passes may not be used on a church day.

Uniforms may be purchased at:

Premier Sports Center – Greece Ridge Mall – 374 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Rochester, NY 14626 located between Dick’s Sporting Goods and Burlington 585-227-2930

Stitchworks / 297 Culver Parkway / Rochester, NY 14609 / (585) 654-7522 www:stitchworks.com

Dress Code 2021-2022