Holy Cross School Alumni

Holy Cross School Alumni –

Become a Class Ambassador!
Holy Cross Parish School is an excellent school. Our school is thriving. We need your help to secure the future of the school and we’re looking for volunteers to become Class Ambassadors. Each Holy Cross Class Ambassador will work to communicate with all those who attended Holy Cross School, who graduated (or would have) in the same year as he or she. Through your connections, we will work together to help maintain Holy Cross School as an educational beacon in the years ahead and maintain traditions for generations of future Holy Cross students and alumni.   


Marian Patrons


We would like to continue the tradition of fostering devotion to Our Lady at Holy Cross School. You will find rosaries in our classrooms in October and May shrines in May! This fall, we would like to again enthrone the statues of Our Lady in our classrooms, dedicating the classroom area to Our Lady.

We invite you to be a part of this enthronement and dedication event. You may become a Marian Patron for the year through a contribution of $25 or more. Your name will be placed in the statue area and our students will remember you in their prayers. You will hear from “your” class throughout the year too.

We ask that you send your contributions to:

Attention: Rev. Gagnier
Holy Cross School Marian Project
4492 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY 14612


Your contributions will be used for religious projects, programs in our schools and to provide rosaries for all our students in grades Preschool through Grade 6. Thank you.