Teacher Pages

The web address in blue is the teacher's webpage.
The email address is below.

Ms. Suzanne Corsall
Email: suzanne.corsall@dor.org
Ms. Kathleen Kramer - kkramer.hcrochester.org
Email: kathleen.kramer@dor.org
Mrs. Michele Lewis - mlewis.hcrochester.org
Email: michele.lewis@dor.org

Ms. Samantha Huerta - shuerta.hcrochester.org
Email: samantha.huerta@dor.org

First Grade
Ms. Wendy Manly -
Email: wendy.manly@dor.org

Second Grade
Mrs. M. Patricia Bronowicki - mbronowicki.hcrochester.org
Email: mary.bronowicki@dor.org

Third Grade
Mr. Alexander Bartholomew - http://abartholomew.hcrochester.org
Email: alexander.bartholomew@dor.org

Fourth Grade
Ms. Jessica Frattare - http://jfrattare.hcrochester.org/
Email: jessica.frattare@dor.org
Ms. Marisa Paris - http://mparis.hcrochester.org/
Email: marisa.paris@dor.org

Fifth Grade
Mrs. Arianna Scavuzzo -
Email: arianna.scavuzzo@dor.org

Sixth Grade
Mrs. Nerissa Ashford -
Email: nerissa.ashford@dor.org
Ms Dorenda Prue -
Email: dorenda.prue@dor.org

Mrs. Martha Grant, Computer Technology - mgrant.hcrochester.org
Email: martha.grant@dor.org
Mr. Florian Komorowski, Physical Education - fkomorowski.hcrochester.org
Email: florian.komorowski@dor.org
Mr. David Heed, Music -
Email: david.heed@dor.org
Mrs. Anne Berends, Art -
Email: anne.berends@dor.org

Mr. Roger Youmas -
Email: roger.youmas@dor.org