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Holy Cross School 2021-2022
Library Classes explore fun topics throughout the year.  
Topics throughout this past year in each class are listed below.  In all grade levels, the classroom topics or instruction were either coordinated with teachers or aligned with standards following the NY State Library curriculum.  There is an emphasis on book exploration of varied topics, research in non-fiction books, genre discussion, and literary analysis.  The Library has been blessed with equipment to teach this curriculum using websites, videos and enriched book materials to enhance learning. 
Grades PK, K,1,2 – School-Friends-Dogs- Plants-Aquatic Animals-Oceans – Curious George / Halloween, Endangered Animals Owls, Spiders, Bats, night, Mystery-Berenstain Bears/ Grade 2 Parts of a non-fiction book/ Thanksgiving, Native Americans, harvest foods, hibernation, deciduous trees/Christmas , sheep, barn animals/winter, arctic, Martin Luther King, winter sports, wolves/ Valentines, Clifford, African American biographies,dinosaurs, fossils, rocks & minerals/ flight, birds, space, stars/ Easter, baby animals, weather, water/ Spring/ counting books/ABC books/ farms/ Mother Goose/famous Americans/ and many songs, finger plays, role playing and dramatic fun. /Careers and Community Helpers, 
Grades 3 – Frogs around the world/World Maps, Atlases, Countries/Continents, Poles, Oceans/World cultures/Author study Tomie dePaola / Japan/ Poetry/ Fantasy, and various genre study/ Folklore and it’s elements/ Biographies / many book talks and genre introductions
Grade 4 – USA Maps and Regions, States’ books/ Postcard writing/
Iroquois mythology / NY state famous biographies/  NY states products, geography, recreation/ Immigration, NY City /
Grade 5 – N.American Biomes’ & Atlas Geography/ North American Biomes/ Early American Life & American Colonies /Rain forest scientific journal and abstract writing/ Insects/ Native American cultures across biomes/ Explorer Biographies/French & Indian War/ Inventors’ biographies, Inventions/ American Revolution/ 
Grade 6-   Saints’ biographies /Brain, Nervous System & Body systems/ Chinese, Egypt, Greek, Roman mythology/ African geography atlases/ Mystery Genre/ Gilgamesh & elements of folklore Mesopotamia & Ancient  Timeline/  Eastern Hemisphere geography/ Middle East and Islam/ Book reports/China & Chinese religions
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 to volunteer in the library.
We treasure your time and assistance.