Kindergarten through Grade 6


· Navy blue dress slacks (no knit pants, leggings or stretch pants).

· Light blue or navy, three button polo shirt (short or long sleeve) – with or without logo.

· Optional for all girls:  Solid navy blue skirt, plaid jumper, plaid skirt or plaid or navy skort with light blue, 3 button down  polo shirt or peter pan collar blouse in yellow or blue (short or long sleeve).

· Navy blue, black or white socks or navy blue leotards only (no nylons). Socks must cover the ankles. Mismatched and other colored socks are not acceptable.

· Plain black or brown school shoes with rubber soles – maximum 2-inch heels must be worn on all non-gym days.  High heels, slippers, moccasins and boots are not allowed.

· Sneakers must be worn on gym days only – no light up sneakers, please.

· Optional: *Navy blue school sweatshirt, fleece or vest with optional name stitched under school logo (purchased only at Stitchworks or Passantino’s). New this year: navy blue sweater vest and/or long sleeve sweater available.

· Navy blue walking shorts in September/October and May/June – or unless notified otherwise.

· Non-uniform sweatshirts and hoodies are not allowed to be worn in the classroom or hallways during the school day.


· Navy blue emblem T-shirt and/or sweatshirt with emblem (purchased at Stitchworks or Passantino’s)

· Navy blue sweatpants with optional emblem (no nylon, leggings or stretch pants are permitted).

· Navy blue nylon mesh shorts in September/October and May/June on PE days only or unless notified otherwise.



· No long sleeve shirts may be worn under the polo shirt. Students may wear school sweatshirt, vest, or fleece over the polo. Only white t- shirts may be worn under the polo shirts.

· Sweatpants and mesh shorts only worn on PE days.

· Sandals, flip flops are not permitted.

· Boys’ hair must not extend below the collar.

· Please label all sweatshirts and fleece with child’s name.

· Jewelry – one set of small earrings (no hoops or dangling earrings) for girls.

· Modest hair styles—no extreme colors, styles or cut-in designs.

· No tattoos.


· Students may dress up on their birthday.

· Students may wear jeans, sweatpants or school flannel pants with a Holy Cross School or Holy Cross Bomber shirt or sweatshirt on a Spirit Wear Day or gym shirt and jeans.

· Shorts are only permitted September/October and May/June.

· Teachers or Principal may allow students to wear street clothes for a special occasion or with a dress down pass.


Uniforms may be purchased at:

Stitchworks / 297 Culver Parkway / Rochester, NY 14609 / (585) 654-7522 www:stichworks.com Passantinos / 563 Titus Avenue / Rochester, NY 14617 / (585) 544-9077 www.passantinos.com

School Outfitters by Land’s End / 200 Eastview Mall /Victor, NY 14564/ (585) 421-3312/

HC uniform 2018-2019

 HC Uniform 2019-2020