Holy Cross School Alumni

Become a Class Ambassador!
Holy Cross Parish School is an excellent school. Our school is thriving. We need your help to secure the future of the school and we’re looking for volunteers to become Class Ambassadors. Each Holy Cross Class Ambassador will work to communicate with all those who attended Holy Cross School, who graduated (or would have) in the same year as he or she. Through your connections, we will work together to help maintain Holy Cross School as an educational beacon in the years ahead and maintain traditions for generations of future Holy Cross students and alumni.  

Many of Holy Cross’ students are generational students. Their parents, grandparents and in some cases, great grandparents went to Holy Cross School. Our alumni base continues to grow each year. Catholic Schools strive to keep tuition affordable for families who value Catholic education. We appreciate you sending your children to Holy Cross School and supporting the school through your time, talents, and treasures.

To learn more about supporting Holy Cross School, please contact the school office or the principal, Mr. TJ Verzillo at 585-663-6533.

Alumni Wall

Class of 1971