Cafeteria Menu

Breakfast and Hot Lunch at Holy Cross

Breakfast and a hot lunch are provided daily at Holy Cross School by the Rochester City School District Parochial Breakfast & Lunch Program. The meals use healthy whole grains and local ingredients when in season. Breakfast is provided upon arrival at school to any student that is interested. Lunch is provided during the regular lunch periods. There is a cost for milk for students not purchasing breakfast or lunch.

The Rochester City School District Food Service Office strives to engineer menus that are not only healthy and acceptable to our students, but that meet Federal and State requirements regarding calories and other key nutrient levels!  We fully participate in the National School Lunch program, the School Breakfast Program, and at certain sites the After School Snack Program.  The USDA and State work together to set minimum thresholds (and in some cases maximum thresholds) of key nutrients and calories.  Since we operate under a “Traditional Food Based” menu platform we offer to our students certain food items in specific portion sizes. 



Menu items are subject to change without notice based on availability with the Rochester City School District.

January 2024 Lunch Calendar